Chaos Under Control: Dealing With Moving Anxiety

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been under radio silence for a few weeks; my excuse is that I recently moved from Philly to Boston for graduate school.  Guys, I hate moving.  Moving is the worst and I hate it, I cannot emphasize this enough; trying to change apartments when you have an anxiety disorder is basically asking for a two-week long panic attack.  Anyway, here are some suggestions for managing anxiety and some jokes, but mostly just lots of complaining.

There’s nothing that can actually make moving enjoyable, short of an electrode that zaps the pleasure center of your brain every time you fill another 1.5 cu. ft. cardboard box from uHaul. And sadly, an anxiety disorder only compounds the problem – but going in with a game plan can help.


One Comment on “Chaos Under Control: Dealing With Moving Anxiety”

  1. Paul Bond says:

    Moving is one of the most stressful leaving the friends, family and neighborhood and it leads to anxiety. Start writing a journal when you feel anxious, spend sometime with your pet, or develop your hobby.

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