Sort of Uncomfortable For Everyone Involved

Visualize the majestic giraffe, hierarch of the serengeti, elegant yet absurd; confident yet precarious.  Imagine it reaching out for delicious acacia leaves with it’s ink-black tongue.

And then imagine, if you will, the giraffe suddenly revealing it is not a noble beast but a robot in disguise, a heroic transformer dedicated to the eradication of evil on earth.  It begins its transformation, gears grind and pistons pump, and the panels of spotted hide unfold to reveal the robot warrior within.

And yet… well, the end result is… not elegant.  Bony giraffe legs hang over the shoulders, the spine contorts, the guy just sort of has… giraffe parts, everywhere, just these gangly-ass limbs splayed out all over the place, because they’re way too long and there’s really nowhere to put them.


Completely unrelated: I’ve started doing yoga to help manage my anxiety, and have chronicled my misadventures at Psychology Today.   The imagery above may or may not assist you in visualizing this as you enjoy the article.

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